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  • *3.Your education:

    Below bachelor's degree

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  • *4.What do you visit the exhibition mainly for?:

    More knowledge

    Leisure and recreation

    Academic research

    Access to materials

    Others (Please specify):

  • * 5. In what way does the exhibition attract you? [You can choose more than one]

    Theme: Confucian culture

    Exhibits: A large number of Confucius images

    Format: Convenient online exhibitions

    Others (Please specify):

  • *6.How much do you know about Confucius-themed exhibitions?:

    Very little, and seldom visit such exhibitions

    Some, and have visited some of such exhibitions

    A lot, and often search for and visit such exhibitions

    Very well, and have studied on Confucius-themed exhibitions

    Some research

  • *7.Which part of the exhibition interests you most:

    Han Dynasty Pictorial Stones

    Portraits of Confucius by Wu Daozi

    Portraits of Confucius Through the Ages

    Statues of Confucius Around the World

  • 8.Could you tell us why the rating:

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