Solicitation Order 


Confucius is a legendary cultural icon, as Confucianism that he founded has influenced the Chinese nation for over 2,000 years. Over the ages, his image has become an important medium of popularizing Confucianism and a symbol of Chinese culture. To present a panoramic view of Confucius, Quzhou Confucianism Cultural Development Center, together with Chinese International Education Foundation and Confucius Temple Protection Association of China, has launched the event "Great Confucius: Global Online Exhibition for Confucius Images," and now calls for exhibit entries

I. Application periods

    You can choose any of the following periods to submit applications

    Early bird period

    June 20-Mid-August

    Regular entry period


    Final entry period


II. Applicant eligibility

    Confucius temples, universities, Confucius institutes, and other Confucian organizations worldwide

III. Entry eligibility

    Pictures of portraits, sculptures, and statues of Confucius, or artworks in other forms made of wood, stone, paint, shellfish, pottery, porcelain, clay, gold, copper, silk, paper, etc.

    IV. Submission requirements

    1. Please email your pictures to     

    2. Please write your email in the subject of "Entries for Great Confucius Global cloud exhibition for Confucius images," and include in it age of artwork creation, name of the artist(s), 500-word introduction of the artwork, and name, brief introduction, and contact information of your organization. A link to the website or profile of your organization is welcomed.     

    3. Submitted pictures should be of over 3,000 pixels, larger than 2 megabytes, and in the format of JPG. A panorama and photos of parts of the artwork should be provided. Short videos and 360-degree panoramic photos are welcomed.     

    4. Please contact +86 17888203800 at Daniel Wang if you have any question.    

    IV. Commitment

    The organizers promise that all images, pictures, and photos submitted are used only for the exhibition and album(s) of the exhibition and are not used for commercial purposes.


                                                                                                                                                                             Quzhou Confucianism Cultural Development Center

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